Saturday, April 5, 2008

London Is Definitely Calling

Firstly, the ferry from Holland was almost like being on the Fairstar, great services, decent food, even wifi...who would think of you could access internet (ie watch The Hills) on the high seas? Arrive, dragging our luggage to the hotel, near the British Museum. A small but lovely room with kitchen. Perfect.

We had the most wonderful first day in London. So warm, blue sunny skies, time to dust off those tshirts. First meal: Pret. Because I love Pret so much and it is still a novelty. We attended a 1st Contact meeting which I thought would be cheesy but was surprisingly good and allowed us to easily set up a bank account which is apparently not that easy for newcomers. Did a few more setting up things - new phone number, registering for the NIN (tax file number). We pottered around Goodge St, near where we are staying - Lola, spotted Ping Pong dim sum - hello, dim sum and cocktails? Is that not the most bestest thing ever? Also browsing through a vintage store, found a stunning pair of brand new Celine heels, in a blue velvet that changes from peacock to navy in the light, 4 inches. I slipped into them like a pair of slippers. Months of wearing flats and boots have worn my feet out, my arches are aching for heels. 65 pounds. Isn't that ridiculous. Brand new. Where is the pound symbol? Oh, there is it. £. Am I really going to have to start saying trousers instead of pants? Oh, pants. I think that might be the name of the new blog.

We had our first sushi in 4 months, delicious, and Susan, like you I went a bit weak at the knees at M&S Food, it really was like a wonderland. Just wait till I get to Whole Foods and revisit the markets.

Yesterday, we spent the day house hunting and hopefully have found our own place. More if/when it happens. In the evening, we went down to Greenwich and had fish and chips at the pub. The days are long, the weather is *touch wood* so delightful and we can't stop smiling.


Cookie said...

good to hear you're settling in. Say hi to M&S, Whole Foods and Sainsbury for me ;-)

Sarah said...

yay for London!!!!

Jules said...

What a fantastic start to your London adventure!

la femme said...

4 inch peacock blue Celine heels?

I love London.

Lola Is Beauty said...

Oh, sorry about the snow and sub zero temps the following day...welcome to my world! x see you soon

Miss Ione said...

you can still wear your t-shirts, just make sure they are under your woollies! Summer hasn't quite started there!xx

Glad to see you hit the ground running.

Thierry sends his bisous

Karen said...

Great news - you made it! Good luck in London. Sounds like your first days there are promising.