Monday, February 4, 2008

The Greatest Thing Since Yesterday's Bread

I have an enormous crush on Mark Bittman (aka NY Times' The Minimalist). I mean, don't ever ask me to choose between him and that other crushable New Yorker, Tony Bourdain, because I heart them both. I love Thursday mornings when I know his latest video will be online; I'm hooked on the breaking-it-down style of his random recipes and his laconic enthusiasm.

Update: And now he has his own blog - yippee!

When deciding to bake bread yesterday I remembered there was a no-knead method out there and Google revealed it was Mark Bittman's co-operation that made it happen, to thousands of raves around the world. It became quite the phenomenon. And today, I can add my rave.

You can view the video here and see just how easy it is. I didn't bother shaping it too carefully (ok, the pot was really hot so I left it 'rustic'). What came out of the oven was a bronzed crusty boule, as if I'd just brought it back from the local artisnal bakery. The crust was super crunchy and inside, a nutty, chewy sourdough. Homemade sourdough, wow! This is a definite keeper, in fact, it's a bit addictive. Lots of combinations to try too.

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maitresse said...

I've just gotten into "no reservations" (after years of hearing you talk about your love for mr bourdain!) and I am hooked! what a crazy guy; what a great show. I used to live across from les halles on park ave south in NYC and ate there almost daily and at any hour-- I had no idea it was his place.