Sunday, February 10, 2008


The weather has been incredible these past few days. Blue skies, that low white sun that forces you to stare at the floor instead of marvelling around you, warm cheeks. The cafe terraces are filled, the canals are dotted with loungers tilted backwards to soak up the rays, the streets are thick with snack-chomping crowds - haring mmm, stroopwafels mmm, loempia mmm.

Come on come on come on come on and...

We swung by the international day of protest against $cientology...
it was small (about a dozen people) but anything counts.
Glad to hear Sydney was so huge!

The sculpture of Rembrandt's The Night Watch painting in the Rembrandtplein

We finally tried a Maoz falafel. Probably our only time. Sweet pickles, enough with the sweetness!
Not that it was bad, in fact the falafels themselves were plump and moist...but we want great

Sint Pieterspoort in Amsterdam

Amsterdam's Chinatown...what do I want more, haring or dumplings?

Chinatown. I love Chinatown

Haarlem's cafe terraces were out in full force on a usually quiet Sunday

There used to be a bakery next door to our place. I love the old tiles

Kawaii! Doesn't this make you smile?


Cookie said...

great pics once again missy! :-)

Deep Kick Girl said...

A day of protect against Scientology?! Why didn't anyone tell me?

Mind you Tom Cruise will be turning up on your doorstep late one night, doing that crazy face and jumping on your sofa! Warning you against the dangers of psychology (of which he is so desperately in need). You have been warned.

Julia said...

Thanks Cookie!

DKG, did you see the Tom Cruise videos that I linked to a few weeks ago (if not search for 'Tom Cruise' in the top left search field). Plus new videos have come out showing just how wacky they are. It's genuinely scarey stuff, not just entertaing funny.

surfercam said...

Great pics, especially the outdoor cafe - would love to be sitting there in the cool air having a few coffees...