Friday, January 11, 2008

Traditional Dutch Food

Erwten soup - or pea soup - is the ubiquitous Dutch dish. Almost ever cafe has it on the menu, and we've tried half a dozen or so. Made with split peas, ham hock, bacon and vegetables, it's very thick, completely hearty and absolutely delicious. Sometimes it's served with pumpernickel and fatty speck, but the fun part is fishing out the slices of rookworst, a smoked sausage. Many butchers sell it frozen, so we bought some and had it for dinner tonight.


AlphaChick said...

Yum! Do you have a recipe? I brought my beloved pressure cooker on the last trip to London, and am cooking up a storm. This afternoon was lentil soup ... yum

Julia said...

I don't think I'll try and make this one, one of those things that are so good you don't want to mess with it. But send me your lentil soup recipe. Good thinking on the pressure cooker with this weather!

AlphaChick said...

Sure, will post the lentil soup and paella recipes ... soonish x