Thursday, January 24, 2008

We Did Not Get Our Sofinumbers

There, no fluffing around, because there has been enough fluffing around, we did not get our sofinumbers.

Me, at counter 12, being told that no, the tax office did not issue sofinumbers after you have registered with the town hall. But you have to register with the town hall to then get your residency permit from the IND that only then gives you your sofinumber at the tax office. But you told us 2.5 weeks ago to come to you and you would give it to us the same day. No, you have to go to the town hall and they will give you your sofinumber. In around two weeks. If we generate one for you, and the town hall does as well, you will have two. Well could I just cancel the second one? No, you will be in a lot of trouble.

Dani, at counter 10, waiting for her sofinumber to be generated after filling out a form. The clerk then calls her back and says that because the residency permit is valid for six months, that he couldn't give her a sofinumber, only if it was valid for three months. Um...the only visa that is valid three months is a tourist visa (ie you can't work). More explanations. Pleading that someone just give us the right answer and that we can get. it. done. Suddenly all the clerks were involved, all looking extremely unintelligent except for my clerk who started being very rude and defensive, accusing us now that by registering with the town hall we had caused our problems. Huh? Hadn't you all told us that the only way to get a residency permit is to register? Well, the rules changed. Excuse me? We were here 2.5 weeks ago and you told us to come back. Even had a special scribble on the envelope. Dani's clerk: they changed the rules end of November. My clerk: they changed it since you were here 2.5 weeks ago.

What are you all talking about? Where is the list of procedures? Out of all the bureaucrats, why hasn't one of them created a checklist, a list of steps, in order, to follow for the very few of us who come on a Working Holiday Visa? Is this logic in a world of everything illogical?

I'm beginning to see The Netherlands as that boyfriend you don't want to tell your parents too much about. They have good points that you love, which you share, but then they stuff you around so much that you don't want people to know, you're embarassed about. Don't get me wrong, and Dutchies, please don't be offended - because we love this place and this is venting from sheer frustration. But how much of this can you take?

Of course we wanted to go back to the town hall to confirm that everything has been lodged and we will be getting our sofinumbers from them, in 2-3 weeks. But, the town hall department that handles residencies is closed on Thursdays.

Apparently we can start work without the sofinumber, our payments will just be delayed till we get it. We have a training day on Tuessday, and will go to that rain hail or shine.


Cookie said...

not offended at all. Outraged is more likely. If you need any of us to come with you, to help out or what ever just say so. This is just absurd!

Julia said...

You are so sweet - thank you truly. We will get there - so keep reading all about it!

Deep Kick Girl said...

No words.

Well, maybe one.


Karen said...

Perhaps you should try getting a job consulting the government on how to create a smooth flow system for WHVs?
This is insane - you poor thing!

Giovanni said...

awwwwww thats such a chase to get something so easy...

frustration junction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AlphaChick said...

This example of insane red tape continues to amaze me. Just as I (and I'm sure you and D) think you are almost at the finish line, someone pops up to move the ribbon a few miles further.

You have inspired me, maybe enough to chronicle in detail my search for an apartment in NYC. This is likely to be similarly frustrating experience ... and I say this 48 hours in