Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year, Ibiza Style

Ibiza in winter is quiet. Qui-et. There were days where we wondered around, looking at each other with round eyes, silently asking ourselves what the hell is going on. Most of the shops are closed, there are few buses, and it was just on that side of chilly that made it unpleasant to stay out for long without any real reason. We wandered around Dalt Villa, eerily still (reminded me of Death In Venice), read our books, watched Spanish-dubbed TV. But then the sun came out, and we found a simple cafe where we could sit outside with canas and the papers and catch up on the facts and the frivolous. For dinner, we went to a very average tapas bar on d´Espanya, Tapas 43, and checked in with the DJ. G came round and offered to take us to some bars. We went to a cosy bar in Jesus with fantastic music, then to Grial for more of the same. Then we went to Coccoon at Blu and spent the next few hours dancing to some great DJs. How fantastic to be back into Ibiza style.

New years eve started off with a trip to the markets for that night´s dinner, and the Mango outlet was open so we bought a few little things. The sun was out, sublime. In the evening we dolled ourselves up and can I just say, looked and felt fantastic. We went over to the DJ´s for dinner, the usual chaos, in particular opening the oysters, which involved screwdrivers and hammers and a lot of pounding. G joined us and we ate grapes at midnight - the charming Spanish tradition of having a cup of 12 uvas and eating one each second of the countdown to the stroke of the new year.

Us and G went to Grial for a drink, then over the Pacha. Yes, I wore my cherry necklace :-) Guest list for instant entry, thank you very much, and we danced till the lights went on at 8am. We were invited to the VIP area but it was pretty boring even with the drinks pouring so we escaped back down to the main dancefloor. The music was mostly great and the vibe was high. Such a fun night!

G gave us a lift home - a blessing with the taxi strike on (only 8 taxis in Ibiza that night, is that true?) and we got changed to head out to DC10, which was closed when we were here in June so we were super excited about going there. The club is an old DC10 hanger right next to the airport. In brief, it was the craziest place we´ve ever seen, filled with the most bizarre people we could imagine. The music was god-awful if you could call it music, just dumb beat-beat-beat-repeat. There was nothing to dance to so we sat and observed, and headed off around 5pm.

So it was a fun, crazy, funny, incredible new years. Typically Ibiza. Hope your new years was a happy one.


I just finished reading Elizabeth Gilbert´s Eat, Pray, Love thanks to Maitresse Lauren´s recommendation. I absolutely loved it and was sad to let the last page slip, but grateful to be able to carry her words around with me.


Lola is Beauty said...

happy new year julia. have many more lovely worldwide adventures. ibiza sounds my kinda place during winter...(also I read Eat, Pray, Love a while back and loved it too)

Deep Kick Girl said...

Happy New Year, gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

so glad you liked it! happy new year :)