Friday, December 28, 2007

Y Tambian...Ibiza, Mi Amor

Magical things happen in Ibiza. But you don´t expect them to happen in winter, when the skies are blue and the palm trees barely sway in the warm air, but the island is sleepy and hardly anyone has stayed for the season.

But magical things do happen. We had an amazing long Christmas lunch at Romagna Mia, an Italian restaurant down the road from our apartment, sitting on the terrace all afternoon, nibbling on tomato and quivering mozzarella salad, homemade ravioli, and just-sparkling white wine. Overlooking the Med. Bliss.

And then the other day, when a few cafes started to reopen and the terraces were filled with fur coats and parkas and boots (it´s not cold!) and we had a saunter around the port, and enjoyed some more tapas and canas, and on our way home popped into the newsagent for our beloved trashy UK mags. And bumped into the DJ! We caught up with another summer friend that evening, over a delicious dinner and more crazy times.

We doubted if we should come here - what would we do in cold, quiet Ibiza? But we are so happy we are here, surrounded by water and nice weather. In a few days, the island will be loud with NYE party people and that will be muchos fun. In the meantime, we´re enjoying the island´s beauty.

I sleep in the bed in our living room with the wall-length windows, just to fall asleep to the few lights along the d´en Bossa coast and to wake up to the apricot sunrise. It´s truly magical.


AlphaChick said...

Sounds magical! Wish I could be there with you. New York is filling up with people and I am beginning to be a little apprehensive about the impending NYE stampede.

Noodlebowl said...

Merry Christmas. Sounds like it will be a memorable one