Sunday, December 9, 2007


Our backyard, with sweet blueberries

Our local canal

Rugged up

Favourite outfit

Grote Markt - centre of Haarlem

Cute shop near our place


Deep Kick Girl said...

Look at Jules with a coat on!

Did you forget your bikini?

That shop is TOO cute, could you please get me one of everything?

brendan said...

Julia thanks for the invite . you both look well and warm . the town looks really inviting it looks like you have fallen on your feet.
Talk soon. Say hello to Danni

TessaJ said...

Oh, hi honey! Glad to find your new blog :)

LOVE your new favorite outfit (you knew I would). Isn't winter dressing the best?


Jules said...

Gorgeous! Looks like you are adapting to winter weather without too many style problems!!

brendan said...

it looks like you need a change of climate, I hope 16c in spain is enough. It is not quite like 29c in downtown sydney. Say hello to your companion Danielle xx

brendan said...

have a great time in Spain. I hope your beach resort is exciting