Wednesday, December 12, 2007

French Onion Soup

Had a craving to make French onion soup tonight, with the proper cheese croutons. Warming and yummy.

And now we're eating Albert Heijn banana caramel icecream!


AlphaChick said...

Yum! Just got back from tea at the Ritz but if you put that in front of me I'll be scoffing it without a moment's hesitation.

Stevo the devo said...

Goede middag ladies - alles goede I assume in the land of windmills and cheese (and beautiful dutchies...aaaaaaaaaarg)

Miss you guys heaps, have some Grolsch beer for me!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

hblanter said...

From "MYSTIC MEDUSA"(not soup)
"Your exit from an 'old' scene and entrance to the new is swift and laden with grandeur.Jupiter,your ruler,is in Capricorn from Wednesday and for most of 2008: you're able to expand fiscally and bring breezy suaveness to worldly details that once brought you to your knees,You'll need some semblance of tactics and patience.Saturn turns retro in your brilliant career sector this week,slowing endeavours and causing some intrasigence at work."
from 'the weekend australian' december 15-16,2007

Julia said...

Thank you dodo! :-)