Thursday, December 20, 2007

My First Snow

It snowed today.

We woke up this morning and there was frost on cars and homes, and by the afternoon the whole city was in monotone. There is a cafe on the top floor of the department store in the centre of Haarlem, and from above the city looked like a snapshot out of Dickens.

Today it's tiny white particles...when do the pretty snowflakes come down? For a beach bunny like me, it is amazing and still hard to believe it's real.


Karen said...

Beautiful! I've always lived in a snowy climate, and it's still hard to believe sometimes that it can be so special and beautiful when it snows. Today is one of those days here. Giant, fat snowflakes falling softly all day. I love it.
The cold I can do without, but as long as it's snowing, I'm happy!

machiruda said...

It's gorgeous isn't it? I just kept staring out the window of the train this morning to work - white as far as I could see!

Although as far as I could tell it's mostly frost, and not quite snow... still waiting for that!

Mabs said...


Deep Kick Girl said...

It's is beautiful but I must admit I am happy to view it from a safe and warm distance.

I believe it's 35 degrees CELCIUS today in sort-of sunny Sydney. So just keep sending the pics and I'll think about whether or not to go for a swim tomorrow.

Keep having fun. Love you.