Friday, December 21, 2007


We got a call from the tax office this morning confirming an appointment for the first Monday in January to get our sofinumber so that's great news.

We're going to Spain on Sunday till just after the new year. We got tickets for The Spice Girls concert in Madrid, then flying over to our beloved Ibiza, which we can't wait to see what it's like in winter. It's all so cheap, flights and an apartment on the beach, and right now 16C sounds like balmy heaven!

I'd read that the Netherlands had the biggest Ikeas in the world, and there is one not far from here, so today we went to check it out, hoping maybe to find a mattress and not come away with the ubiquitous knick-knacks. Well, it was the same size with the same stuff and the same Swedish meatballs - which we had to finally try. Spongey, processed but strangley edible, with fries, gravy and cranberry sauce. Curiosity killed.

Pretty homes in Haarlem.

Outside Ikea.

Ta da!


Hannah said...

I feel so hungry now and I've got nothing in the fridge :(

I'm jealous. I wish I was somewhere cold and snowy at Christmas. Hey, we could have done a house-swap!

Sarah said...


that looks absolutely revolting!

I can't believe you ate it!

David said...

From where I'm sitting (with sunny Sydney outside the window), the term "frozen wasteland" comes to mind!

Deep Kick Girl said...

How very disappointing re: Ikea. I imagined it would be a magical wonderland filled with many times more varieties of crap than our own. Oh well, never mind, another dream dashed against the ragged rocks of reality.

At least you've saved me from ever having to eat those disgusting (though strangely tempting) meatballs.

Enjoy Spain. Love, K

jean said...

All that snow looks so beautiful and lovely, though it is hard to imagine being cold atm (Perth is expected to be 38C on Christmas day O_o)

Happy holidays and enjoy Spain!

Miss Ione said...

Hope you have a great time in Espana, don't forget to track down Calle ACDC for me! Pics please!