Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Madrid, Mi Amor

When we left home at 4.30am to catch the first plane to Madrid, it was warmer than it was during the day, we didn´t even need gloves. A very strange feeling.

But then, there we were, Madrid! Beloved Madrid. And only a few streets away from where we stayed in June, which we loved and is more central than we realised. It was warm, the sky was royal blue, everyone was out, the shops and music pumping. For all those playing at home, we went to have lunch at the Diablo´s, but, he was not there. We´ll be back. We went to Museo de Jamon and tucked into a fat bocadillo laden with deep red jamon, as well as some cute tuna and salda empanadillos and washed down with a cold beer. All this for 4.80E.

We walked around the shops, picked up a few essential jumpers, then in the evening trudged out to the Spice Girls concert. When they played their hits, it was great great fun. That´s what they do best and the crowd - at least 65% boys? - were really into it. Posh was the best (not as skinny as you´d think). It was very cheesey but to our great disappointment, Becky did not make an appearance. Boo hoo! A fun night in all.

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Cookie said...

Isn't Madrid just gorgeous?!