Monday, March 10, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different

I read about some cookbook recipe testing and thought it would be an interesting challenge so put my hand up; unfortuantely had to pass on two Cook's Illustrated recipes as I ran out of time (and one involved charcoal grilling a chicken which is beyond my kitchen capabilities at this time). But then a recipe for an upcoming cookbook called The Asian Grandmother's Cookbook came through and I tackled it today.

Aloo paratha is a popular Indian dish of grilled bread stuffed with a potato mixture. I've never had it before but it sounded delicious. You make a dough, and to boiled and mashed potatoes add herbs and spices. Then you fill rolled out discs of dough with the stuffing, seal, and roll out again, so you have a thin bread with a smooth filling. Cook on both sides until golden, and serve with a spiced yoghurt.

What I loved about this is it's a recipe I wouldn't usually make, and it got me out of my usual cooking zone. It was easy to do, although I only got 6 parathas instead of the quoted 12. Hence the need for recipe testing! There's lots of variations for the filling so I look forward to making it again...and hopefully other Asian grandmother recipes.

If you are interested in trying aloo paratha, watch this adorable Indian chef prepare it and other Indian dishes.

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Cookie said...

Next time you need a testing panel be sure to let me know!