Thursday, March 6, 2008

Random Thoughts On Thursday

+ A few words on our flatmate. He is nice and very laidback. French, maybe 24, typically anti-capitalist, thin, with piercings in his lip. He's here to study marine biology or ecotoxicology or something smart involving water, but mostly he studies the art of smoking Amsterdam's finest, or Marlboro Reds (where are the Gauloises?). He's a trust fund bebe of sorts, spending every minute behind his laptop with a headset on, playing online games (haven't I had enough French online gamers in my little life?) and randomly saying things in French (we assume to gamers dropping in and out). We've nicknamed him The Petit Tresor because it's so elementary French and really, it's the funniest thing ever. He only eats frozen pizzas, although when we moved in we were thrilled to see a baguette in the kitchen (it's still there though).

+ I have a love/hate relationship with the word lekker. Basically it means nice, tasty, yum, good, depending on the context, and you hear it all.the.time. It's in every ad, you hear people saying it all the time, and it drives me nuts...yet I can't live without it. I make Dani say it if I haven't heard it for a few hours. Say it three times in a row, with a hard k and r, and you might get an idea.

+ It snowed the other day, then was lovely and warm. Really not sure what to expect.

+ I realised that apart from a handful of exceptions, I haven't worn heels in the past three months. If you know me, this is extremely unusual.

+ I go to the library during the day, it's such a lovely spot. I brush up on Microsoft Office, research London, do some online reading. All this time to write, yet it doesn't come, or it's because I push the thought of doing it away to the back of my mind. There's a La Place restaurant on the top floor with nice views of the city, great place for a cheapish bite.


Sarah said...

you haven't worn heels?

and i was just looking at an article in the SMH about the famous stiletto street race through amsterdam and ASSUMING you'd have been in it!

Julia said...

WTF is wrong with me!? I hadn't even heard of it!? Shame Julia, shame.

Cookie said...

your turning in to a good ol' Dutch girl, we are waaay to practicle to be wearing heels :-)