Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Kath!!!

Happy Birthday my beautiful Kath. This is a big birthday and I really, really wish I had been there, but I'm always with you. You'll hate me saying it, but you are kind, selfless, do so much, and so much good. You are the most wonderful mother and I admire that so much. You work hard, cook delicious things, write beautifully, starting to get into fun girl things (yay!) - basically you are just an all-round super fantastic person.

I am lucky to have you not just as my sister but my friend. We'll have yum cha soon x

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Deep Kick Girl said...

Oh, STOP IT! You're making me blush.

Thanks for the wonderful birthday wishes and the beautiful gifts. I'm a very lucky, spoilt little (old) princess.

Bring on the yum cha. You know where to find me, sweetie.