Sunday, March 23, 2008

A White Easter

Finally, we've seen some proper snow. This weekend has been all about the white stuff - Saturday it showered tiny white hail like the gods were emptying beanbags on us, and today, proper fluffy snowflakes all day, a veritable snow fest. So what if I was catching them and eating them?

Saturday, we went down to Albert Cuyp and had lunch at Bazar, a Turkish restaurant that just blew me away. In an old church amidst the markets, the high dome ceilings house a two-storey all-day restaurant with colourful tiles, eclectic chandeliers, sparkling lights. We ordered the two person lunch and feasted on crunchy falafel, meaty mergeuz, crispy filo cigars filled with feta and spinach, smooth dolmades and a variety of flavourful dips. I couldn't resist dessert, a small plate of incredible Turkish delight, baklava, dates and pashmak, the Turkish fairy floss which tastes like halvah and is very addictive. With coffees and beers, incredible (especially in Amsterdam) for under 30E.

Immune to the rain, we had a walk around the markets then caught the tram over to Waterlooplein so we could peruse the flea markets together. Some interesting vintage clothes but the prices left me irritated. 45E for a simple summer dress, 20E for a peasant skirt that I wanted to turn into a dress - although Dani nabbed a bargain with a lovely pair of knee high boots for 25E.

Today we went back into Amsterdam through the soft snow to see Juno. Underwhelmed, it was ok but I found these teens and their punchy-one-liners-around-the-screenwriter's-wetdream-of-a-soundtrack too two-dimensional. What was lovely was cosying up in the small cinema at The Movies, comfy chairs and a delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream.

On the way back to the train, we stopped by Kaasland (ie 'cheese land' - the best land there is) and picked up a baguette and a calvados camembert and a peppered fromage blanc for dinner. Salads are for weekdays. There are few things better than French bread with good cheese.

Thanks to Dani getting Dexter copied onto my laptop, we had marathon sessions watching the second season (don't worry Kath, I won't say anything - but ohmigod you have to watch it!). Thank goodness The Hills starts this week. Oh yea.

Oh, hello there

These smiles mask how hungry we are


Hot plate - filo cigars, crispy rolls, falafel, merguez, squid

Cold plate - dolmades, dips and olives

Is that a puppy, a beard or the most delicious dessert?


Deep Kick Girl said...

Food looks amazing. Yum!

Don't envy you the snow. We had a wonderful weekend - especially Sunday, frolicking at the beach with the kids. Gorgeous!

Sorry you didn't enjoy Juno. I loved it. Everything was just right for me. Horses for courses... (or is it the other way around?)

Mathilde said...

Aha! This post explains your flickr-picture of Bazar. I assumed you were talking about Bazar in R'dam (also great) but the pictures look completely different. This one's on my to-go list now ;)

Cookie said...

Machi, we should go together, its been on my wish list as well! Looks like you had an amazing time.

Sarah said...

you'll be happy to know that you can get that floss at the essential ingredient! in rose, vanilla and pistachio flavours :-)

Lola Is Beauty said...

I thought Cheeseland only existed in my dreams...

Karen said...

I was surprised by your reaction to Juno....I loved it too. Though, I also loved your description of the sountrack! Ha!

Julia said...

Mathilde and Cookie - definitely go! We even went back the other day for lunch and had the Tunisian fish soup - very nice.

Sarah, I'd heard about it but just never tried it. It's so good! Can't wait to try the other flavours.

Karen, I/we're the odd ones out on Juno that's for sure!