Thursday, March 13, 2008

Haha Life, Good One, You Are Hilarious

I went for my visa interview this morning at the British consulate. Waiting waiting, only to be told I couldn't apply since I didn't have my residency card. "I have residency but the immigration department said it could take up to 6 months for the card to be sent". "Well then". Never mind that it didn't say anywhere that you had to bring proof of residency, just the forms and your passport. I can bring the paper they sent saying I have residency but had to make another interview - the earliest is in one month. At least they issue the visa then and there, but I'm fuming. I just want to work and get settled well and truly.

My mind races with practical matters; to calm down I realise I need to have things placed in my mind, create some sort of order quickly even if the finer points need to be tweaked later. I thought, Dani can head to London and get started, and I'll head to Rome, study something for a couple of weeks, language, cooking. The irony being that I have two people coming to visit in the next couple of months yet have all this free time now. Haha Life, you are hilarious.

Update: I had a brainwave and went back to the online appointment page hoping someone may have cancelled or changed their interview time - yes! 1 April popped up so I quickly clicked it - I hope it isn't some April Fool's Day joke because the joke has been on us for quite some time already.


Deep Kick Girl said...

Jesus, JB, I don't even know what to say.

At least you still have your own teeth.

Seriously, if any advice can be offered here... please take EVERY piece of administrative paperwork you own to EVERY interview you go to. You just never know what the freaks are going to ask for. (Remember we got asked for a photocopy of Jay's grandmother's passport at the British embassy in Bogota.) These people are nutters who stay up all night trying to think of crazy ways to piss people off.

Cookie said...

we just don't wanna lose you to the UK that is all...:-) hope everything works out but that we'll still be able to visit the tulip fields like i promissed!

Sarah said...

i don't know how you haven't managed to take to the bottle.

you have the patience of a saint.