Friday, March 7, 2008

Traditional Dutch Cuisine #...?

I've written about erwtensoep, that traditional, if somewhat stodgey-if-eaten-too-much-like-we-did-one-week, Dutch pea soup. We've eaten our fair share of krokets, although they will need their own blog post. Now, in an attempt to cram as much traditional Dutch food in our mouths before we cross the ditch, I present to you: hutspot.

Hutspot is made for Dutchland, a purely winter dish of chunky mashed potatoes mixed with carrot and onions, served with some kind of sausage or meat, in our case with rookworst, the smoked sausage you find in erwtensoep. I also picked up a boerenkool which is mashed potatoes with spinach or kale, this one served with meatballs.

Now, I got them from Albert Heijn on the way home from the library because my laptop weighs more than an elephant and the butchers are miles from here. I take full responsibility for the rookworst and meatballs tasting truly horrible but these are dishes you could easily make at home, with homemade meatballs, stewed meat or your favourite smoked sausage.

aka the worst photo ever


Cookie said...

worst photo ever sounds so funny after reading the post about rookworst :-)
There was a test published just yesterday about how store bought 'stamppotten' are too salty. I hate them btw, they are the worst Dutch culinary tradition EVER!!

Julia said...

Haha! I didn't find it salty but the meatballs and rookworst had bits in them, like metal filings. Not good.

You'll have to let me know some of your favourites!

Sarah said...

I hope that tasted better than it looks!

mashed vegetables and sausages are the meals of my worst nightmares!